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First Time Visit

What to expect at your first visit?

To obtain a clear and complete picture of your health status, a complete case history will be taken and a thorough physical evaluation will be made with techniques unique to the naprapathic profession. This history may include questions concerning your physical activities, diet and levels of stress. You may also be asked about any previous injuries and other treatment you have undergone. Feel free to ask your naprapath any questions about your condition.

After the comprehensive evaluation of your condition, you will receive a gentle hand manipulation of the spine, ligaments, muscles and surrounding joints. A naprapathic-specific manipulation helps to restore a state of normal function. Gentle exercises will be discussed to rehabilitate the body. In addition to regular spinal care and proper nourishment to the tissues, exercise therapy will allow for proper healing.

Does medical insurance cover treatment?

In Illinois, Naprapathic treatment is covered by some policies of Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Humana and Prudential Insurance and others. Medicare, Medicaid, Public Aid and HMOs will not cover naprapathic services. If covered, Naprapathic physicians either bill insurance or provide patients with a bill which they can use to submit to their insurance companies. Individuals should check with their carrier to determine if Naprapathy is covered under their health plan.

If you have any questions about how my service can help you, or would like to learn more about Naprapathic Care at Balance Body Therapy, please call me at 708-956-7072 or email me at drdanappointments@gmail.com to make an appointment today!

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